PROCEDURES (Only for small deals 100mt 2000mt) :


         1)  Seller´s  mandate  sends SCO.

         2) Buyer sends SCO signed and sealed + ICPO include Soft Probe  Authorization with full banking details +BCL

         3) The Seller will sends PI - Proforma Invoice to the buyer,

         4) The buyer signs seals the Proforma Invoice as well as sign seal by the bank,  and return to the seller within 48 hours.

         5) Seller issues Draft Contract.

         6) Buyer sign seal and return the final Contract in 48 hours by DHL (4 original copies), seller sign seal the Contract and return to the Buyer by DHL      (2 copies).

         7) Buyer’s Bank Issues L/C to the seller’s Bank,

         8) Shipment Starts as per the contract.


1-    Seller´s mandate sends SCO.

2-    Buyer Sends ICPO with Banking Co-Ordinates+ BCL

         2- Sellers Issues FCO to the Buyer + RAW swift .

         3- Buyer Signs FCO and sends back to the seller and RWA swift to Seller´s    Bank.

         4- Seller Issues Draft Contract to Buyer for Approval.

         5- Seller and Buyer both Signs Contract and Exchange Copies. 

         6- Buyer Issues Non Operative L/C to the Seller after Signing the Contract

         7- Sellers Provides Full POP & PB 2% to the buyer’s bank and activate the   L/C.

         8- Shipment Starts.  




Ø For private label please add 10$/MT on the above prices, private label to be provides

     with ICPO for confirmation,

   Ø Samples is not available as no Courier accepts to ship any liquid,

   Ø The buyer can travell and visit loading port and check the Inspection certificate sgs before payment,as well as the shiping documents of his deal.